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Religious Education Intent

Religious Education holds a distinctive and central position within the curriculum at West Hoathly, embodying its unique significance. The primary objective of Religious Education at our school is to facilitate the acquisition and cultivation of a profound, comprehensive, and harmonious comprehension of Christianity and the principal religions prevalent in Great Britain. We endeavour to develop an understanding of how religious convictions mould individual lives and behaviour. Our curriculum empowers students to cultivate the capacity for making judicious and well-informed assessments of religious and moral dilemmas while enriching their spiritual, moral, social, and cultural growth.

Religious Education, as a discipline, actively supports values integral to our society, including truth, justice, respect for all, and environmental stewardship. Our emphasis is notably directed towards:

  • Fostering a sense of self-worth and esteem among our pupils, promoting respect for others.
  • Recognizing the vital role of family and community in the context of religious beliefs and activities.
  • Encouraging an appreciation for the diversity that enriches our society, with an emphasis on understanding both the commonalities and distinctions among individuals.
  • Championing the sustainable development of our planet and nurturing a sense of responsibility for the preservation of our environment.

In embracing these principles, our Religious Education program serves as a vital platform for nurturing holistic development and fostering values that underpin the fabric of our society.


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