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Computing Intent

Our approach to computing education at West Hoathly is centred on fostering a sense of joy and enthusiasm for the use of technology while nurturing an appreciation for its vast capabilities. We aim to equip our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to harness technology for creative expression, efficient management, organization, and collaborative endeavours.

Within our program, we encourage students to 'tinker' with various software and programs, instilling in them the confidence needed to adapt to new technologies—a crucial skill in our continually evolving digital landscape. Through our meticulously designed curriculum, our goal is not only to ensure that students attain a high level of digital competence and a repertoire of transferable skills that will serve them well in future workplaces but also to mould them into responsible online citizens.

Our scheme of work is meticulously structured to align with the National Curriculum, with a focus on enabling our students to achieve the End of Key Stage Attainment targets. We are proud to emphasize that our educational aims are in harmony with those outlined in the National Curriculum, reinforcing our commitment to providing a well-rounded and future-ready computing education for our pupils.

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