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History Intent

At West Hoathly, our History curriculum is designed to ignite curiosity and nurture the creative thinking skills of our pupils. Our overarching goal is to cultivate a profound understanding of local, national, and global history, fostering the development of complex historical knowledge. We aim to empower students with the confidence to think critically, ask probing questions, and proficiently explain and analyse historical evidence.


Through our meticulously structured curriculum, we endeavour to instil an appreciation for significant historical events and notable individuals within the context of global, British, and local history. Our focus is to help students recognize the evolutionary nature of human societies and the transformations that have occurred over time. History education serves as a means to deepen children's comprehension of the intricacies of human lives, the rich tapestry of diverse societies, and the intricate relationships between various social groups.


By delving into history, students gain insight into the myriad motivations that have shaped human behaviour throughout time, thus fostering empathy for others and offering invaluable lessons from past human endeavours. Teaching aims to instil an understanding of chronology, encouraging students to make connections across historical periods and establishing a firm grasp of chronological sequencing in history. Furthermore, our curriculum equips students with the knowledge of how historians meticulously study the past and construct historical narratives, while also developing their skills to engage in their own historical inquiries.


In preparing our students for their future endeavours in the realm of History, our curriculum introduces them to key substantive concepts such as power dynamics, invasion, settlement, migration, empire, civilization, religion, trade, human achievements, societal structures, and cultural influences. Moreover, our curriculum aligns seamlessly with the broader educational aims set forth in the National Curriculum.


For our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) pupils, our activities not only facilitate progress toward understanding the world Development matters statements and Early learning goals but also lay the foundational knowledge necessary to support their continued exploration of history in Key Stage 1.

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