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French Intent

Our French curriculum is designed with a foundation built upon three knowledge strands that weave through all our units, facilitating cumulative knowledge acquisition. These strands include:

  • Phonics: Ensuring the mastery of French pronunciation and phonetic elements.
  • Vocabulary: Building a robust vocabulary foundation to expand linguistic capabilities.
  • Grammar: Developing an understanding of French grammatical structures.

This knowledge can then be applied within our skills strands.

  • Language Comprehension (Listening and Reading): Enhancing the ability to comprehend spoken and written French.
  • Language Production (Speaking and Writing): Cultivating proficiency in expressing ideas and thoughts in both spoken and written French.

Our curriculum aligns meticulously with the National Curriculum, with detailed coverage highlighting which of our units correspond to each of the National Curriculum attainment targets and strands.

Through our teaching students are afforded opportunities to engage in practical communication on familiar subjects and routines. The curriculum provides a balanced approach, nurturing proficiency in both spoken and written French. Our curriculum follows a spiral approach, whereby key skills and vocabulary are revisited and reinforced with increasing complexity, enabling students to review and build upon their prior learning.

Furthermore, our lessons often feature cross-curricular connections, affording students the ability to draw links and apply their language skills to other facets of their education. This integrated approach enhances the practicality and relevance of language acquisition in diverse contexts.

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