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North Lane, West Hoathly, West Sussex, RH19 4QG
Tel: 01342 810302 | Email: office@westhoathlyschool.co.uk
Headteacher: Rachel Townshend


Vision Statement


"Everyone working together, showing respect, doing our best,
aiming high, learning for life and preparing for the future."

Vision for the Child

At West Hoathly School we believe, strongly that success is about more than just reading, writing and maths (although these are important) and it is our vision to ensure that each child develops as a well rounded individual, with a rich variety of experiences, skills, attributes and characteristics and that everyone is well prepared for the next stage of life and learning when they leave us to move on to the next phase of their learning journey.  This vision is outlined in our "Vision for the Child" shown here.


Our Core Values

As a Church of England school our ethos is based on three inclusive core Christian values.  They are defined in manner which we hope is accessible to those of any faith or none.



Just as flowers need water to grow so people need love.

Love means we show unconditional care and respect for everyone.



We all need encouragement and the incentive to aim high and do our best.

Hope means we have high, but not unreasonable, expectations for everyone.



When we forgive we free ourselves and others to move forward in life.

Forgiveness means a fresh start for everyone every day.


These values are neatly summarised in the following poem:

Love is the water which helps us grow!
Hope is the challenge which tells us, "Go!".
We all need a fresh start everyday
So forgive and help others along the way. 

Our School Golden Rules

Golden Rules
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