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Dear Parent/Carers,

Natural Reader Text-to-Speech is an excellent product, which allows our children to work more independently; whatever their age or needs.  We have recently had it installed throughout school. There is a FREE extension for Google Chrome, and apps for iOS and android. Easily installed and customisable; the speaker and speech speed can be changed to suit the user.

Introduction Video (41 seconds):

Chrome Store Extensions: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/natural-reader-text-to-sp/kohfgcgbkjodfcfkcackpagifgbcmimk?hl=en

Apps: From the iOS and android stores.

Once installed a puzzle piece is displayed at the right-hand end of the Address Bar. Click on it and then on Pin, the Natural Reader Icon is then displayed next to it. From then on any time your child wishes to use it, they just have to click the icon to open the reader and click on play for it to start reading the current webpage. You can also select specific text and click play.

Assistive Technology

Apps for Learners with Dyslexia, reading and writing difficulties.


The files posted below are supporting documents.

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