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Geography Intent

Our curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to infuse in students a sense of wonder and curiosity, fostering their development as inquisitive and exploratory thinkers who view the world through the lens of a geographer. Our overarching objective is to empower pupils with the confidence to question, observe, measure, record, analyse, and effectively present data about the places they encounter. We aim to cultivate an understanding of how Geography exerts its influence on our lives, spanning various scales and across different epochs. Ultimately, our aspiration is to nurture resourceful and proactive citizens who possess the skills to actively contribute to and enhance the world around them.

Our curriculum emphasises:

  • A robust emphasis on the cultivation of both geographical skills and knowledge.
  • Critical thinking abilities, enabling students to pose insightful questions and articulate, as well as analyse, evidence.
  • The acquisition of essential fieldwork skills throughout each academic year.
  • A deepening appreciation and knowledge of students' local environments and how they compare to other regions across the globe.
  • The development of a nuanced understanding of geographical concepts, terminology, and vocabulary.

Our educational aims harmonize seamlessly with those outlined in the National Curriculum. For our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) students, our activities not only facilitate their progress toward the 'Understanding the World' Development Matters statements and Early Learning Goals but also lay the essential groundwork to support their continued exploration of geography in Key Stage 1.

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