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North Lane, West Hoathly, West Sussex, RH19 4QG
Tel: 01342 810302 | Email: office@westhoathlyschool.co.uk
Headteacher: Rachel Townshend


Here you will find the key policies and documents which outline the school's principles and practice in a range of areas.  In order to streamline our approach we are combining related policies into suites which we review in cycle to ensure they are up to date, reflecting changes in legislation and our approach.   



Keeping our children safe from all types of harm and ensuring good order in school so that our pupils are happy and make good progress is important.  

The document below is our Pupil Safety & Wellbeing Policy Suite which includes the following elements:

  1. Introduction to Policy Suite.
  2. Child Protection Policy.
  3. Safer Recruitment Policy.
  4. Governors’ Strategic Principles for Behaviour Management.
  5. Behaviour Management Policy.
  6. Use of Reasonable Force Policy.
  7. Anti-bullying Policy.
  8. Equality Policy.
  9. Governors’ Statement of Equality Objectives.
  10. Governors’ Statement of the Promotion of “British” Values. 
  11. First Aid Policy.
  12. Managing Medicines Policy.
  13. Illegal Drugs and Substances Policy.
  14. E-Safety Policy.
  15. Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation Policy.



The main purpose of the school is to enble children to learn, make good progress and achieve great outcomes.  

The document below (when complete) is our Curriculum, Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy Suite which will include the following elements:

  1. Introduction
  2. Curriculum, Teaching,
    Learning & Assessment Policy
  3. Subject Aims
  4. Working with Able
    Learners Policy
  5. Collective Worship Policy
  6. Display Protocol
  7. Food Policy
  8. Early Years
    Foundation Stage Policy
  9. Home-Learning Policy
  10. Marking & Feedback Policy
  11. Physical Activity Policy
  12. Sex & Relationships
    Education Policy
  13. Spiritual, Moral, Social
    & Cultural Development Policy
  14. Transition Policy



To ensure the smooth running of the school we have a range of systems and strategies in place. 

The document below (when complete) is our Administrative Policy Suite and will include the following elements:

  1. Introduction
  2. Accessibility Plan
  3. Charging Policy
  4. (General) Complaints Policy
  5. Data Protection Policy
  6. Emergency & Critical Incidents Plan
  7. Fire Safety Policy
  8. Freedom of Information Policy and Publication Scheme
  9. Green Procurement Policy
  10. Health & Safety Policy
  11. Lettings Policy


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