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North Lane, West Hoathly, West Sussex, RH19 4QG
Tel: 01342 810302 | Email: office@westhoathlyschool.co.uk
Headteacher: Rachel Townshend


The children learn to identify the difference between Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information.  This can be difficult to define, so I use my Three Golden Rules.  These are:


Can the information be used to contact me?  i.e.  telephone number, email address

Can the information be used to find me?  i.e. home address, school

 Can the information be used to steal from me?  i.e. usernames, passwords

 If so, the children know they shouldn't be giving the information
out to anybody other than a trusted adult! 

Can you correctly identify whether a piece of information can be used to contact, find or steal from you?  Click the link provided to play my Personal Information sorting game, and see how well you can do?  Note: Some information can go under more than one heading.

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