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Reading Challenges

Book Bingo

Reading is a vital learning skill which underpins so much of the curriculum. The love of reading is a real asset which cannot be underestimated.  

Book Bingo is a challenge we have introduced for our younger children. There are four levels (1, 2, 3 & 4).  Each Level has its own grid or "Bingo Card" showing a selection of "real" books (Not those from the reading scheme).  The levels are increasingly demanding/

The children then aim to read books and earn rewards.  For completing a line of books or the corners they receive house points.  When they have completed all the books on a Book Bingo Card they receive a certificate and a special prize.

For Level 1 they receive a bookmark and keyring, for Level 2 a book light, Level 3 a special pen and Level 4 a Mug.  The Bookworm design was created by Mr Earle.  The pens and mugs are produced by Vistaprint.


Ravenous Readers

For our older children the challenge continues with "Ravenous Readers" designed to encourage wider and more varied reading.  There are three levels of increasing demand.  On completing a level they receive a certificate and a bookworm badge (purchased from ML Badges).


Keeping a record on their "Ravenous Readers" card, the children have to read ten books of their choice by any author. To complete the level they write a book review.


Silver level requires the child to read 15 books all of which much be by different authors and must include some non-fiction examples.  To complete this level the children must write three book reviews.  There teacher will select the books, from the ones they have read, about which the reviews should be written.


The third and final level is Gold.  To complete this level the children must read 20 books, as with the Silver Level, they must be by different authors and should include a variety of genres such as mystery, fantasy, comedy etc. 

This level also requires the children to write five book reviews and, when complete, to talk about the books they have read with one of our school governors.

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