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Animaths Challenge

Investigating & Problem Solving in Maths

Learning the many basic and more advanced skills which underpin mathematics is important.  With the support of parents through home learning, we spend a lot of time teaching and reinforcing these skills as well as providing the children with opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge in lots of different ways.  

We have introduced an independent learning challenge programme for maths which requires the children to select and undertake a variety of maths investigations and problem solving activities.  This is "Animaths".  There are eight levels of increasing difficulty each containing four challenges (with the exception of the elephant level which includes eight).  There are four different types of investigation;

  • Patterns & Rules
  • Logic
  • Finding All The Answers
  • Visual (or diagramatic) problems

The children may work on these challenges during their independent learning time, working steadily to complete the investigations fully and make a clear record of their results. The programme spans the entire age range of the school.

Each of the Animaths levels has a different animal as its "indicator".  As the children complete investigations they receive a sticker to place in their Animaths book.  When they complete a level they receive a certificate. 

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